By Gina Kennedy

By Gina Kennedy

Ratios and Proportions Teaching Ideas and Strategies!

I really enjoy the challenge of teaching ratios and proportion, converting units, discovering proportions and all!  There are so many fun projects to challenge all of the students!  I've included several resources in this post to help complete your unit!

This is an excellent video to introduce ratios to your students:

And of course to dig further into the concept "The Teaching Channel" provides a great instructional video found HERE!

Another super resource can be found here at in which they provide a funny, but relevant "Division in Ratios" slide presentation!

I have created several ratio and proportion projects that my students complete every year to check for understanding and use as an authentic assessment!  Nine "No-Prep" projects are included with this resource, you may purchase the projects HERE at my TPT store!

Another fun way to differentiate proportion through art would be to have the students trace their hands and feet and draw a body in proportion to both!  This is from  Oodles of Art Blog

Another way to practice proportion is by having the students draw a map of their classroom, keeping everything in proportion!

Another fun project my students do every year that integrates proportion and measurements is that after a short lesson on the importance of using "exact" measurements when building electronics, the students build their own computer following the exact directions provided.
After measuring and cutting out the computer case and all of the components, the students determine how to arrange the parts so that they all fit in the computer case. Then my students add their own personal touches to personalize their computer.  This fun project can also be purchased at my TPT STORE, HERE!

I've also created Ratio Task Cards that I use to help my students convert ratio units that can be purchased and downloaded HERE 

This is a "Ratio And Proportion Diagnostic Quiz/Test" that can be downloaded for free HERE!