By Gina Kennedy

By Gina Kennedy

Coordinate Grid Teacher Resources!

Geometry doesn't have to be boring!  

My students have been working on geometry enrichment projects in 5th Grade.  

I was extremely impressed by their products; plotting coordinate grids, ordered pairs and understanding the locations of axis can appear to be a very simple standard, but it is a standard that grows in complexity from one year to the next.  Through the years, I have experienced that some students pick up this concept quickly and others struggle with remembering how to the spatially order the movement of the plots.

For the students that needed some additional challenges as we were finishing our geometry unit, the enrichment projects were just the ticket for providing that extra rigor in our geometry  unit.  Click HERE to purchase the 5th Grade Geometry Enrichment Projects!

The projects included with this resource are completely "NO-PREP".  Here are a few examples of the "coordinate grids" products my students created:

This was a "Coordinates Football Game" that he created, it also included directions and player pieces.
I also have a set of "Coordinate Grids, Ordered Pairs Task Cards with vocabulary terms. The activities on the task cards are great for assessing the coordinate grid (geometry) standards and they  range from easy to challenging.  The challenging Task Cards can be purchased at my TPT store HERE!

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