By Gina Kennedy

By Gina Kennedy

More Differentiating!


Great ideas to differentiate and integrate the real world into your curriculum and create a rigorous learning environment!

1.  This is a great site called "MATH IN THE NEWS" with FREE challenging word problems for individual, group or class activities.

Math in the News!

2. Download travel brochures from this website: Travel Brochures

Use these brochures for anything from research reports, Olympic country reports, or even as a persuasion writing prompt (students could write persuasive letters to their parents explaining why their destination is where the family should travel to in the summer.)

3. I love this blog by Lynnae McCoy:  Lynnae McCoy  She provides a template in which students fill out information they've researched about different countries that are participating in the winter Olympics.   I am having each student in my class complete the template for a different country and share.  Check out this blog for other amazing ways to teach geography in your Olympic studies.

4. Another way that I differentiate our study of the Olympics in our classroom is by assigning a different winter Olympic sport to each of my students.  In return; they research the sport, provide a description of how the sport is played and judged.  They also research the current world records in the event!  They transfer all their research and information onto a poster.  This is great for early finishers and students who are completing independent enrichment activities!

5. As February approaches most schools are beginning to do final preparations and reviews for their state-wide assessments and teachers are looking for ways to review standards without the normal routine task of multiple choice drill and kill!    
In math I assign heterogeneous mixed ability groups of two to three students a math standard that we have already learned.
They must create a two minute commercial (humor is welcome) to present to the remainder of the class that stresses the importance of that math standard and provide a short lesson handout review for the other students.  The handout can be a review for the other students such as a test, crossword, or game.  It needs to take the other students no longer than 10-15 minutes to complete.
I have one group present each day as test time approaches and the students love it!

6.  FACT A DAY!  Last year I would assign one student a day the task of coming up with one amazing fact that they didn't think the rest of the students would know.  This fact can be something about our studies or something far out in left field.  I write each days fact down and give them their "OUR AMAZING FACTS" book at the end of the year to take home with every fact compiled to one list!

Have a great week teachers, a great deal of kids are depending on you!

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