By Gina Kennedy

By Gina Kennedy

President's Day! Teacher Resources


Presidents' Day is right around the corner and many students will still be in class due to snow make-up days or other reasons.  Why not use this day to honor our great leaders?
With such great attention given to test preparation during this month, most presidential studies have been pushed to the wayside and it is time to start providing these educational opportunities again if we want our students to become responsible citizens.

My students have been working on projects this week from my "United States President Enrichment Projects" resource.  This resource includes No-Prep engaging and thought provoking projects that require the students to complete tasks such as researching the presidents' occupations or determining how a president from the 19th century might feel about a president from the 21st century.  Students can complete one to three or more of the projects.  These projects can be purchased HERE in my TPT store!
On President's Day, my students will each draw a president's name and create a research poster about their president.  They will follow guidelines of what they must include and will be provided a rubric in order for them to better understand the expectations.  I have this resource available for FREE in my store.

Another great product and "DEAL" that I found on TPT for President's Day is by "Rule 1, Have Fun".  She has "I Have, Who Has" Task Cards that are creative and challenging for upper elementary students. Click HERE to check out this resource!

On President's Day I share an abundance of "presidential" literature with my students.  We discuss the role of the president and the role of the Executive Branch.  I would highly recommend the following books:

1.  Duck for President (New York Times Best Illustrated Children's Books) by Doreen Cronin

2. If I Were President by Catherine Stier

For a free curriculum guide and activities for this book on Catherine Stier's website,  go to:
3. Presidents' Day by Ann Rockwell

4. What Does the President Do? by Amanda Miller


5. So You Want To Be President? by Judith St. George

 Other Presidents' Day Ideas:
1. This website includes famous speeches and quotes by Abraham Lincoln, assign a specific speech to small groups of students and have them summarize the speech or rewrite it in more "kid-friendly" terms to share with the rest of the class.
Lincoln Speeches

2. This link will guide you  to an excellent printable with information and activities about George Washington from George Washington, A National Treasure:

3. For fun, this website will provide easy directions to teach your students how to draw Washington and Lincoln.
After they have illustrated the presidents, they could create a Biopoem about each president.

What is a Biopoem? A Biopoem is a poem that describes a person in 11 lines. There is a specific formula to use when writing a bio poem.

(First name)-

(Four adjectives that describe the person)

Son or Daughter of (your parents names)

Lover of (three different things that the person loves)

Who feels (three different feelings and when or where they are felt)

Who gives (three different things the person gives)

Who fears (three different fears the person has)

Who would like to see (three different things the person would like to see)

Who lives (a brief description of where the person lives)

-(last name)

4. Provide five 3"x5" index cards for each student and have the students research five different presidents and create "Presidential Trading Cards".  On each card provide the name of the president, his birthdate, years in office, birthplace and any other vital information you'd like them to include.