By Gina Kennedy

By Gina Kennedy

More Ways to Add Enrichment to Your Classroom!

More ideas to differentiate and integrate the real world into your curriculum and create a rigorous learning environment!  

1. "STORYTELLING BREAKDOWN"  This is a fun way to review sentence structure, parts of speech, comprehension and listening skills while sharing one of your favorite picture books with your students.  While sharing any short story or picture book with your students, have them record the the nouns, verbs and prepositional phrases from the story.
     After recording the parts of speech, the students will use their data to compose a thorough summary of the story.  Not only is this an effective tool to check their comprehension and listening skills; but this is a great way to review the parts of speech as well as how to write a good summary.  I've included a link to this free DOWNLOAD here.

2. "PREDICTING THE TEXT"  Before sharing an article about a new topic in social studies or science; write the topic on the board.  Ask your students to write down a question they may have about the topic on a piece of paper. 
     Instruct each student to pass their paper on to another student and have them write their question on it as well.  Rotate papers at least ten times until each student has ten questions on their paper.
     Pass out the article of the topic that you're introducing and invite the students to read the article and see how many of the questions that they are able to answer on their list and write the answers down. This not only adds rigor by forcing them to research for answers, but it encourages those investigative reading skills that our students need to develop in order to become successful readers.

3. "I Believe"  We are headed back to school tomorrow after a week off.  I have my "St. Patrick's Day" treats ready, solid plans in tow and a relaxed and refreshed attitude.  I'm also going to use this as an opportunity to review with the students their goals and aspirations as we head into the last nine weeks of school.
     I provide each of the students a copy of the quote below:

After they read the quote above I invited them to share what they believe it will take to make their dreams come true.  I've included the link to DOWNLOAD this activity for free.

4.  "Data Headlines"   I love this website:
 Headline Generators
Students are able to type in their own story about any topic and then create their own headlines  and article in a neat "newspaper looking" format such as this one:

     At this point, I have the students determine a set of five survey questions about food, movies, school issues or anything that is new and currently on their mind.  They must provide a copy of their questions for me to review and then they are responsible for compiling their data.  
     Once they have compiled all their data; they will compile their results into percentages.  They are then asked to write their newspaper article showcasing the results of their data for the "world to see" and create a table or graph to accompany their article as well.
     I have the students print off their newspaper article and display their amazing article and table or graph together in one neat display.