By Gina Kennedy

By Gina Kennedy

More Enrichment Ideas!

Great ideas to differentiate and integrate the real world into your curriculum and create a rigorous learning environment!  

     It is testing week in Texas, so this blog will be rather short.  I know testing is occurring  throughout the country as most Common Core states are testing over the next few weeks as well and I'd like to wish everyone a healthy and happy productive few weeks.  You have so much to celebrate.
     Standardized tests are designed to enable us to compare the performance of students in a relatively efficient way. But how much can tests tell us about what students actually know?  As teachers you have worked hard to make sure your students have flourished emotionally and academically the past seven months.  As I constantly remind teachers, "All you can do is all you can do, if you've done your best; you can do no more!" 
     A "45 question test"  will never be able to measure your student's growth this year or account for all of the hard work involved in preparing  them to be where are today academically.  Take a deep breath over the next few weeks and celebrate all of your classroom's successes this year.

1.  "Selfie Poems"  April is National Poetry Month and I wanted to create a poetry assignment that would allow the students to self-reflect about all that they have accomplished over the past year before  they take their achievement tests.  We do a social emotional lesson every Friday; so this assignment really fit the bill as it accomplished all of my goals in one.  
     My students were given free reign of the Ipad and my cell phone to take "selfie photos" of themselves.  Then they were instructed to write a "Selfie Poem" that would reflect on all of the things about themselves that make them proud.  They had so much fun with this assignment and each students added their own little twist.  

3. "Math Calculation Comic Book"  This is an excellent enrichment math project to use at the end of the year!  With this project, the students are challenged to create their own math comic books. They are also required to use word problem operation clues in their comic book as well as a few other guidelines included in the directions.
     A complete template is included for the comic book, an instruction guide, a rough draft template and an idea page to help students who are having a difficult time coming up with their own unique idea!
     My students had a great time with this project and completed this project in two days. Their final comic books were amazing and humorous.  You may purchase this resource HERE!

Math Calculations Comic Book Examples

Have a  wonderful week,