By Gina Kennedy

By Gina Kennedy

"100 Days of School" Celebration Ideas for Upper Elementary, Everyone Should Get To Enjoy the 100th Day of Learning!

Why does it seem as though all of the fun ends in 2nd or 3rd grade?  As if childhood is not short enough, we continue to make it shorter by pushing more academics and removing as much fun out of the school day as possible in order to make sure we are not reducing maximum learning time.
     All students deserve to have fun at school, build memories and celebrate milestones.  I've created a language arts and math resource for upper elementary students that includes critical thinking skills, brainstorming, and logic.   You can find this resource at my store below:

Check out my "100th Day Activities" Here:


1. Last year as my students entered the classroom on the 100th day of school, I had butcher block paper placed on top of the tables.   I asked the students to brainstorm 100 things they need in their life to be successful.  This is a picture of their list from last year:

2. Have a "100 Day of School" banner competition.  Then use the winning banner as the photo backdrop for the 100th Day celebration.

3. Pass out old magazines and divide your students into groups of 3-4.  Ask each group to cut out 100 random letters.  Once the letters are cut up, instruct them to create a message out of the letters that encourages others to "love learning".

4. Provide exactly 100 legos to groups of 2-3 students and instruct them to create a design that represents "success".  Have them present their creations to the class.

5.  Write a funny story about the family that is obsessed with the number "100".  They may have had 100 kids and each kid had 100 pairs of shoes and they only eat 100 calories for each snack and so on......

6.  Play "H-U-N-D-R-E-D Second Challenges"!  Divide the students into groups of 3-4 students. Each group needs to assign a recorder and have a piece of paper and a pencil. For each challenge they only have 100 seconds. 
Challenge #1: "H"  Brainstorm all the animals you can think of that start with "H" in 100 seconds.
Challenge #2: "U"  Brainstorm all of the things that people climb "under" in 100 seconds.
Challenge #3:  "N"  Brainstorm all of the words you can think of that rhyme with "nice" in 100 seconds.
Challenge #4:  "D" Brainstorm all of the things that people may "dread" doing in 100 seconds.
Challenge #5:  "R" Brainstorm all of the things you can think of that are "red" in 100 seconds.
Challenge #6:  "E"  Brainstorm all of the things you can think of that must come to an "end" in 100 seconds.
Challenge #7:  "D"  Brainstorm all of the things you can think of that people "divide" in 100 seconds.

7.  Invite your students to pretend they will only live to see another 100 days.  Ask them to create a bucket list of 10 things they would like to do or accomplish in 100 days. Tell them to pretend that resources or money are unlimited for their bucket list.

8. Because they've been in school for at least 4 or more years, have your students brainstorm 100 things they've learned since kindergarten.

9. Divide your class into three teams.  Team #1 must convince the other two teams that living 100 years ago would have been better than living 100 years into the future or living in the current day. Team #2 must convince the others that it is better to live in the present day than to have lived 100 years ago or 100 years into the future. Team #3 must convince the other two groups that it would be better to live 100 years into the future than live 100 years ago or in the present, day.  Each team must find a creative way to present their argument to the other team.

10. Tell your students to pretend that your school is going to issue a special edition magazine called, "100 Days of Learning at _________________ Elementary".  Tell your students that each of them have been chosen to be on the cover.  Each student must design their own cover for the magazine. The cover should include a title, date, subtitles of interesting articles inside the magazine, cover picture (you) and any other feature that could make the magazine cover interesting enough for others to want to pick it up and read it.