By Gina Kennedy

By Gina Kennedy

April: National Poetry Month, "Poetry Can Be A Little Silly!"

     April is "National Poetry Month"!   Kids love poetry, of course most children get stuck in the "all poems have to rhyme" pothole; but even rhyming poetry provides authentic vocabulary and phonics practice.  
     To start our poetry celebration, I used the "Writing Interactive Notebook" included in my TPT Store .  With this unit, students learn to write several different genres of poetry step-by-step with many examples, showcase their poetry into a poetry book and then practice their genres with a "Differentiated Poetry Project Menu".  The menu includes several creative poetry prompts that my students loved!  I've included a link to this resource below:

     Once my students had mastered and been exposed to several genres of poetry, we took it even a step further this year and had some more "poetic fun."  Most of my students love superheroes, so I had each student create a picture of themselves as a superhero (even though many are loosely mimicking a real superhero).  They were then asked to create a poem that highlighted their own super powers.  I've included some examples of their amazing "Superhero Poems" below:

     We discuss social emotional issues in our class every Friday in which we talk about everything from conflicts to friends to current events. Every once in awhile we discuss grooming issues and personal hygiene.  I decided to add a little humor to our personal hygiene talk last week by having the students create "Hygiene Humor Poetry."  
     First we discussed hygiene issues that 5th graders deal with such as not brushing their teeth, using deodorant, not washing their hair, inappropriate clothing (tight, short) and etc.  I divided the students into groups of two and each group chose a hygiene theme and created a four stanza poem that discussed their topic.
    I've included a few of their finished products below:

      However you decide to celebrate "National Poetry Month", make it fun for your students. There will be a day when they will appreciate the heartfelt analogies spoken by Maya Angelou and the deep seeded messages communicated from Langston Hughes.  But sometimes kids just want to be creative, have fun and write some silly poems!  

Happy National Poetry Month,