By Gina Kennedy

By Gina Kennedy

Every New School Year Brings Another Opportunity to Inspire and Make a Difference!

Welcome back teachers!  I hope by now most of you have rooted a few consistent routines, built a great level of confidence, established relationships and more than anything I hope you are having fun. 

I had a wonderful summer, spending quality time with family and traveling here and there. My husband and I set a goal a few years back to visit at least one different country a year and we were lucky enough to spend a few weeks this summer on the French Riviera in France, Italy and Monaco.

I also had an amazing time in Las Vegas at the TPT conference; but nothing compares to our time in Iowa and South Carolina spending time with family and friends.  Of course; more than anything, I always cherish our time with our grandchildren in Iowa.   

As well I have had the unique and incredible experience working with a charter school in New York over the last three months assisting them in creating an enrichment curriculum for their science and social studies units.  I always feel honored and thrilled to visit schools from different regions and states and see what is taking place in education across the country.

It was a fantastic summer; more play than work, but I'm happy to get back to writing, visiting schools and supervising student teachers for a local college.  Yes, after 29 years of elementary education, I have officially retired.  But I'm far from out of the game, I'm only getting started!  Once a teacher, always a teacher!

Have a great year, make sure that every student feels special everyday and take time every day to laugh,