Quiz Whiz Review, End Every Math, Science and History Unit With Meaning!

     A fun way that I ended every science, math and history unit was by creating a "Whiz Quiz Review" game with my students.  At the beginning of the year I asked parents to send empty Pringles cans with their child to school.
     I purchased 1000 craft sticks at Walmart every summer for $4.00 and I kept those handy and near by at all times as we culminated each unit.
     I covered each Pringles canister with colored paper and labeled the canisters with the topic we had just finished studying.  I passed out five craft sticks to each pair of students.  The students were given a set of directions and directed to complete five review questions and answers on the craft sticks with their partner.  As the year progressed, the students no longer need directions as it became quite routine.   I had the students use ink pens because they don't run and they are easier for the students to manage.
    I simply collected the finished craft sticks, placed them in the appropriate "Whiz Quiz Review" canister and "Vo La" we have a great authentic review game that was student created.  (However, I always add about ten questions of my own to fill in the missing gaps.)
     Throughout the year we started many math, history and science lessons by pulling out a random "Quiz Whiz Review" game and reviewing past concepts.  I displayed the games together and I also used them for centers, brain breaks, sponge activities and more.