By Gina Kennedy

By Gina Kennedy

Cheers to A New Year and Another Chance to Get it Right!

In the words of Oprah Winphrey, "Cheers to A New Year and Another Chance to Get it Right!"  What I love most about any new beginning, is that it is just that, a new beginning!  With every year I get a little more wiser, a bit more erratic and a lot more forgiving.  But, I never get up and I hope you don't either.

It has been a busy few months of holidays.  We spent Thanksgiving week in Orlando with my son, daughter-in-law and two eager, excited grandchildren of the wise ages respectively of 2 an 4. A perfect age I might add as they believe in everything and everything they see and even though they'll probably forget most of what we did, the "magic" of Disney will remain in their hearts forever! 

A few weeks later we headed to Tulsa, Oklahoma as my son received his MA Degree from Tulsa State.  

Then off to Iowa for the holidays!  Of course we always have a "White Christmas" in my hometown and we were not disappointed this year, as it snowed throughout our stay!  

I hope you've taken the past few weeks to enjoy your families and take a break from work. Especially if you still have children at home, use each and every break to spend quality time where it counts.  Kids grow up so fast and every memory you can build is important.

As the New Year approaches, rethink your own actions that have restricted you from being who you want to be, readjust and turn every negative situation into a positive situation, and relieve yourself of things you can't change.  But most of all, "contribute more to the world than you can take."  

It's always important to start the year off right with your student as well!  Here's a quick "New Year's Resolution" form you can use with your students to encourage your students to analyze their goals for self-improvement over the next year!  

Click here to download your  "FREE"  copy!