By Gina Kennedy

By Gina Kennedy

Math Enrichment Projects that Bring "New Life" to the Standards!

Whereas I constantly strove for improvement in many areas as a classroom teacher, I mastered recognizing that students won't learn when they are bored.  Even though it is virtually impossible to make every math operation as exciting as a thrill ride at Universal Studios, I made it my daily mission to make sure that all learners in my classroom were focused and challenged.

Later, when I served multiple roles outside of the classroom, I had the opportunity to see how other teachers managed their students when they were finished with their math work.  I found that many students were quietly drawing, playing math games (that usually had no connection to the standards they were learning) or they were just simply sitting at their desk reading or visiting with a neighbor (and those were the productive rooms). Whereas this bothered me tremendously, I completely understood because teaching is hard; really hard, and there simply aren't enough materials out there that offer authentic, challenging math opportunities for advanced learners and early finishers.  

While serving students in the classroom, I would spend hours upon hours putting enrichment units and projects together because I enjoyed it.  My peers relied on my efforts, and were sometimes annoyed at my over zealous attitude to go above and beyond the grade level lesson plans; however, my students loved it!  

Task cards are wonderful learning tools for isolated problems, but they usually don't have the depth or challenge many of our learners need.  It is undeniable that they do offer a valuable practice in solving problems, unfortunately they don't often stretch the standards in a rigorous way.  Accelerated curricula wouldn't be necessary if we could take the standards we are provided and add a level of depth to the standards that would challenge all learners.

I have created task cards for all of the 4th grade STAAR and Common Core standards (but both sets are very universal and would meet the needs of most 4th grade curricular).  Each task card includes a test-prep problem as well as an enrichment project.

Each task card includes one test-prep problem that covers a necessary skill students need to know to master a specific standard; but also a "no-prep" enrichment project that that integrates real life situations into the math standard.  

The task cards are perfect for whole group test review and enrichment, advanced learners, early finishers, math group work or for anytime you need that extra motivation to keep your students excited about mathematics.

To purchase the "4th Grade STAAR Test-Prep and Enrichment Task Cards Bundle" at my TPT STORE, click HERE!

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To purchase the "4th Grade Common Core Test-Prep and Enrichment Cards Bundle" at my TPT STORE, click HERE!
Click HERE for free samples of this bundle!

Both bundles contain "360" different test-prep problem solving questions and "360" different enrichment projects relevant to the standards.  There are similarities to both bundles and similar task cards in each bundle with adjustments made to meet each set of standards.

 With this resource, your students should be challenged, motivated and excited to learn!