By Gina Kennedy

By Gina Kennedy

5th Grade Daily Math Review (Free Sample)

There are so many math programs on the market it can make your head spin!

Over the past years I've used and recommended dozens of  daily math review programs. Where one included a a variety of relevant tasks; unfortunately, it lacked an invite for critical thinking skills.  Others covered a multitude of computation activities, but few problems with the rigor necessary to advance the student's problem solving skills.

I knew it was high time that I developed my own daily math program that combined the essential components of computation, data, problem-solving, and algebra; as well as a multiple of opportunities to advance the student's critical thinking skills. Last, I wanted to develop a program that would make sure students had the confidence they needed to attack math problems every day.

What I've found is that most skills included in school curricula are learned best when practice is distributed across time and embedded within a variety of tasks. My 5th Grade Daily Math program is complete, and the 4th grade version will be hitting my store in the next few weeks.  All of my Daily Math Programs are aligned with the CCSS/STAAR standards and perfectly suitable to most state math curriculum.

My 5th Grade Daily Math Program (36 Weeks) can be purchased here HERE.   However, if you'd like a free sample to see how it fits into your own daily math routine, please check out the sample below.
5th Grade Morning Math Sample