No-Prep, Differentiated Homework Programs for the Entire Year!
No-prep, math, reading and writing homework for the entire year! Directly tied to the 3rd, 4th and 5th grade reading, writing and math standards. Students are provided with fun, creative math, project choices to complete by the end of each month. This is a teacher friendly super way to challenge every student in your classroom and provide a variety of learning opportunities. Print, and go math, writing and reading homework for every month!

This is also perfect for GT cluster rooms or any 3rd, 4th or 5th grade classroom with learners of many different needs as these projects will challenge even your most advanced learners and provide opportunities for your struggling learners as well.

Every month the students will be able to choose which creative and rigorous homework assignments they’d like to complete that best fit their personality and interests. This program will also compliment any daily homework program you already have in place. With this program, the students are given an assigned day of the month to complete all of their assignments that must add up to 100 points (or any amount at the teacher's discretion). For struggling learners, you can reduce the amount of points assigned monthly.

Within a week after the projects are due, I would suggest that you have a group time in which the students can share their work. Each homework assignment includes a point value. The students are responsible for making sure they have completed enough assignments that add up to the correct amount of points.

The assignments and projects included in this program provide for excellent display work.

I've also included the templates your students will need to complete certain projects each month.

5th Grade Homework Program for the Entire Year! Standards Aligned!


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4th Grade Homework Program for the Entire Year! Standards Aligned!


3rd Grade Homework Program for the Entire Year! Standards Aligned!